How to order.

Ready to order? Pictures of the already made slings are at the very bottom of this page. Click on the picture of the fabric that you like. Under the picture in the number of the fabric. On our page, click buy it and enter the fabric # number under special instructions. Orders will be shipped within 3 business days. all slings are $45 shipped anywhere in the USA! $10 extra for special orders.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The re-sale went great!

Thanks to everyone that saw us at the re-sale. We sold a few and did demos for a lot of people. It was a really fun experience. We are looking into new things to add to our products. We have a few things in mind and we are really excited to get started. If anyone is interested in a Moby style baby carrier, let us know. We have been in talks with a friend in having a few of her carriers available on our site.

New products TBA soon!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big kids can ride in them too

These slings are recomended for children birth to 35lbs.
They are very comfortable also!!!

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Here are some examples of positions you can do wearing the ring slings!!!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This just in!!!

The new prints ready for sale!!! We have 2 of the pink stripes.
The gray flowers come with a matching nursing cover.

The pink on top is gone!
The pink stripes fabric on the left is gone!
Purple is #0005,
The Gray flowers is #0006
The light pink flowers on the bottom is #0007

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are baby slings safe?

YES!!! this is a good article if you are worried about the safety in baby slings going on in the news. I believe the warnings being issued are more for the bag type slings sold commercially and the non adjustable wrap type slings.

No matter what kind of sling or baby carrier used the wearer needs to follow precautions to ensure the baby can breathe. Just like in a carseat or while holding the baby be careful not to let their chin smoosh against their chest. If they can not control their head it can close off the airway. Also like in a crib or anywhere don't cover up their face with anything. Make sure you can see the cute little face. :)

Come see us at the Saxon club March 20th!

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time: 10:30am-3:30pm
Place: Youngstown Saxon Club
710 Meridian Rd
Austintown, Ohio, 44509
Gently used baby and children’s clothing, furniture, baby gear, toys and more for sale!
Come for the bargains! There will be a bake sale, refreshments, and raffle.
Admission will be charged to the public the day of the sale.
Early bird admission-$5 from 10:30-11:30 am and general admission-$1 from 11:30-3:30
Please email / 330 979-3288 with any questions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The patterns in the ones already made.

The green is fabric #0001

The pink is taken!

The Blue is gone, 2 left.

Here are the fabrics in the slings that are for sale we have 2 of the blue.
We also have a purple one with a satin binding I will be posting soon.

And here is Jack in a shopping cart strapped in by my ring sling.
I still carry him in it too!!!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

First draft.

This is our first draft. Feel free to proof read it for us!!

Blessed Ring slings and hand made things.
Instructions for use and care of your ring sling
Please read over this booklet and follow all safety precautions.
Before you use your sling, you may need to thread it.
Neatly spread the fabric and hold in one hand. Pull the fabric through both rings. Lay the rings slightly uneven and pull the tail of the sling through the bottom ring. Fan the fabric out as much as possible.
Positioning your sling.
First, you need to decide which shoulder to place the ring on. Go with whichever side is more comfortable for you.
Right side: Hold the rings in your right hand, with the shoulder seams up and the tail end down. Put your left arm into the sling.
Left side: Hold the rings with your left hand, with the shoulder seams up and the tail end down. Put your right arm into the sling.
The tail should always be hanging in the front and the rings should be close to your shoulder. Spread the fabric evenly on your back. It is very important to position the sling comfortably.
Cradle Hold: This position is best for smaller babies that aren’t yet sitting up.
You can put baby in with their head toward the rings or away from the rings. Put your sling on as you normally would. Make a pouch in the sling with one hand. Carefully put baby into the pouch.
If you are putting baby’s head toward the rings, make sure to put them in at least 4” from the rings so that you have room to tighten your sling. Put baby into a comfortable position and straighten them out. To tighten the sling, Hold the rings with one hand and pull the tail with the other. You may want to do this while seated until you get the hang of it.
Cradle position is great for breastfeeding!
Hip carry: This is a great way to hold older babies and toddlers.
Put on your sling as normal. Hold on the rings and pull the bottom of the fabric to tighten and make a pouch for the child.
For smaller children, have them tuck their legs into the sling. For larger toddlers, have them straddle their legs around you. Spread the fabric over the child’s back.
Practice makes perfect! If it doesn’t feel right the first time, keep practicing.
Always remember!
Check the stitching from time to time to make sure that the rings are secure. The sling should not be used if the fabric is worn or tearing.
These slings are designed to hold babies from birth to around 35lbs. Each person is different and some people will be able to use them for shorter or longer periods.
Your sling should fit your child’s body snuggly. Make sure that their face is free so that they can breathe easily.
Infants should always be positioned in a straight position. If baby is in a “C” position, he or she may be at risk for suffocation. Check on your baby often to make sure that they are safe and happy. You should always be close enough to baby to kiss their head.
Never use the sling while driving in a car, while riding a bike, or while doing anything else that seems dangerous.
Use common sense. Don’t use the sling while doing anything you wouldn’t do while holding your baby.
Care: These slings can be washed on cold and dried on low. Always inspect your sling to make sure that the stitching and fabric are still in good shape!
For more Information of these ring slings and to find other positions for carrying baby, please check us out at: or

Thursday is our busy day.

Today, We finished up 2 slings and wrote an instruction sheet to go with them. We should have 5 to take with us to the Kids resale on march 20th. We will be posting pictures of the ones we have done in case anyone is interested. We have also decided to go with a "Value Sling", which is a tiny bit smaller and solid colored. We made it purple! Between kids climbing all over us and a Hello Kitty Sewing machine that doesn't feel like sewing pretty today, we had our work cut out for us. Photo shoot and Esty page to come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The safety of OUR rings!!!

Our rings are very safe and secure you can see here the rings that came on my first sling. They broke and I replaced them with the rings on the right. I use my sling for an 18 month old that weighs approximately 25lbs. The rings we use are also 200+lbs. test rings!!! No child can break that, don't try to carry daddy in it though.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This one was a custom order and will be picked up soon. Look how nice it came out.

Getting started

We have been working on our ring slings!!! Here are the newest ones ready for sale. The bottom fabric is gone already as it was a custom order.